Steps To Take Before Your Lease Ends

Are you currently leasing a Lincoln and not sure what happens when your contract comes to its end? This article will help prepare as you approach the end of your lease. Lincoln Automotive Financial Services has made it a commitment to make your lease-end experience a great one. This includes giving drivers choices and assistance in deciding “What’s Next?” Here’s a great guide to get you started:

6 Months Prior – At you reach your sixth-month mark, most drivers can begin to decide on which model they would like to lease next. Take a look at our great inventory or visit us to learn about any future specials.

4 Months Prior – Once you hit your fourth month mark, you will receive information in the mail that contains your lease end options, lease vehicle inspection, and excess wear and use.

3 Months Prior – Around the three-month mark, you should begin to discuss any changes to your driving needs such as making a plan to purchase your current lease, jumping into a brand new lease with a newer model, or simply returning your vehicle to a Lincoln dealership.

2 Months Prior – You’re close to the end of your lease. At the two month mark, you should begin preparing your Lincoln for inspection. The inspection will provide information in detail about the condition of your car including an assessment on Excess Wear and Use.

1 Month Prior – You are not at the tail end of your lease. At the one month mark, drivers are advised to make a scheduled Lease-End Appointment with their dealership to discuss your next step: Purchasing or leasing a new Lincoln, purchasing your current vehicle, or returning your leased Lincoln.

Lease End – Now that your lease is at its end, visit your dealership to make the choice you decided on in the prior step.

To inquire about any information on leasing, visit Natchez Ford Lincoln today.

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